World-class weegie ballet

Our latest launch is a fashion-led, Tessitura-integrated website for Scotland’s national dance company, based in Glasgow.

Scottish Ballet needed a flexible yet easy-to-maintain and manage website to showcase their world-class productions, dancers, and wider work, as well as conveying Scottish Ballet as a ‘high fashion’ organisation – a sophisticated company which fuses high quality, classic ballet technique with a pioneering spirit.

The website is decidedly image and video-led, allowing the organisation to show-off its excellent in-house photography and film-making capabilities. And the inclusion of subtle gliding, fading and flowing page elements adds to the sense of elegant movement.

The stars of Scottish Ballet are the dancers, so each one has almost a ‘microsite’ within the main website, featuring their bio, photo and video galleries, repertoire, reviews – and social media streams, so audiences can really get to know the dancers.

And the team at Scottish Ballet have just the right amount of flexibility over the design of production pages; allowing them to create entire ‘worlds’ for each show, for example Hansel & Gretel, while keeping everything very clearly and distinctively Scottish Ballet.

Although production tickets are sold directly via the touring venues, the Scottish Ballet website integrates with Tessitura to sell merchandise, as well as classes and events held at the company’s home venue; Glasgow's Tramway arts centre.

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