Windsor’s Festivals

We recently had the pleasure of working with the fine folks at Windsor Festival to create their new website.

A website which makes it much clearer that Windsor Festival – the organisation – runs several 'actual' festivals throughout the year; including a popular Schools’ Programme, and the big, showcase Autumn Festival which happens every September.

The light, bright and colourful look, coupled with striking use of Windsor Festival’s impressive image library, gives the website an inviting feel. The homepage can be easily altered to focus on any one festival throughout the year, and the whole thing's super-easy to navigate, with an instantly understandable main menu tab system linking to specific festival landing pages.

But this clear look belies a great deal of complexity behind the scenes …

Rather than integrating with the website, event listings and ticketing are both accessed by users on separate system, Monad.

So, there was a danger of a jumpy, disorientating user experience – however, cunning design and carefully implemented styling across the website and Monad keep the journey between the two invisible to the user. Smooth online booking experience? Check.

Ticketing provides less than 20% of the organisation’s income, so the various support initiatives on offer on the website needed to be much clearer and more engaging than the previous incarnation. So, we’ve ‘built-out’ the Membership and Support sections to ensure they're prominent, and much more flexible for the team to use to raise funds.

This year’s Autumn Festival takes place at some very impressive venues, including St Georges Chapel in Windsor Castle and Windsor Great Park. Tickets are currently on sale to Members, and go on general sale this Monday, 10 July.

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