A new look for MAC

A long-time digital client, we’re currently working with one of the UK’s busiest and most popular arts centres, Midlands Arts Centre, on a visual identity revamp to help enable them to better represent the more grown-up aspects of their programme.

The new look is designed to work at different volumes: quiet and understated for the visual arts crowd; loud and colourful for family audiences.

The logo has been retained, albeit with the addition of ‘Midlands Arts Centre’ underneath. In fact, it was from deconstructing the logo that we got the playful shapes that can be used as graphic elements, to lift and enliven the identity.

Cleaner, clearer typography is a key part of the new look – with judicious use of contrasting display fonts adding a point of difference for particular seasons/strands of work.

The new look is being rolled-out over the coming months, starting with the Supercool-designed Highlights and Family brochures, which are in flyer racks near you now.

There're more words and pictures in the MAC visual identity case study.

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