What is it, exactly?

Started in New York City and now a global event, Likemind is a monthly coffee morning which is free to attend, open to all and has no agenda other than simply to get people talking.

Likemind Birmingham was run by Katie and James of Supercool between July 2007 and February 2012. Over that time we've met loads of lovely people, discussed pretty much every subject under the sun, drank countless coffees and raised hundreds of pounds for charities at the occasional fundraiser. Good times, as they say.

But after nearly five years we decided to pass the hosting baton, and the Birmingham event's now hosted by Rickie and Tim.

Previously at Likemind …

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning 2011

19 Sep 2011

An extra-special thanks to everyone who came along to our slightly premature World's Biggest Coffee Morning last Friday (the official date is September 30th), helping to raise money and awareness for Macmillan.

The lemon fairy cakes and chocolate rice-crispy cakes went down a storm, and your generous 'cash for cake' donations will pay for 20 copies of Macmillan's Understanding Chemotherapy booklet and help a cancer support group hold their first meeting. Thank you.

Fundraising Friday

19 Mar 2011

Thank you to everyone who came along to this morning's special Likemind fundraiser in aid of the British Red Cross Japan Tsunami Appeal and an extra-big thanks to Lucie and Geoff at Saint Caffe for donating the breakfast pastries.

No Brum Likemind until January

21 Nov 2010

Just a quick reminder – there're no more Likemind coffee mornings here in Brum until 2011! So, we hope to see you in the New Year (Friday 21st January to be precise) for coffee and conversation.

Likemind Brum’s third birthday

15 Aug 2010

We held a combined birthday party/fundraiser at the July coffee morning, where we celebrated three years of Likemind Birmingham and raised money and awareness of Marie Curie Cancer Care, through the powerful medium of cake! You can read all about it over on the Supercool blog.

Likemind - what’s the point?

08 Apr 2010

Since we started Brum Likemind several years ago, it's got way bigger than we ever thought it would. The other day I asked myself "What do folks get out of it?" that keeps it so popular, and came up with this list:

  • Meeting new people
  • Getting face-to-face with folks you've only met online
  • Drinking great coffee
  • Meeting the JQ neighbours
  • Catching up with friends/business contacts
  • Discussing and testing new ideas
  • Munching breakfast pastries
  • Having a break from the office
  • Finding out what's going on locally
  • Finding a new place to live (Yep, we matched a landlady and tenant!)

Essentially, it's just a pleasant, relaxing – and sometimes even useful – thing to do. Likemind really is a fine start to a Friday.

If you've got something out of Likemind, do drop me a line and tell me your story: katie@supercooldesign.co.uk

Final Likemind of 2009

03 Nov 2009

The last Likemind of 2009 will be held on Friday 4th December – at the same time and place as usual.

We'll then be back to normal – the third Friday of each month – from Friday 15th January 2010.

Hope to see you there!

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning

26 Aug 2009


The next Likemind (Friday 18th September) is going to be a little different from usual …

We're going to be part of the World's Biggest Coffee Morning; a UK-wide series of events raising money and awareness for Macmillan, a charity working to improve the lives of people affected by cancer.

Alongside the usual coffee-drinking and natter we'll have a collection box set aside incase you'd like to donate, Saint Caffe will be sporting some cheerful green Macmillan posters and balloons, and anyone who donates will be welcome to adorn themselves with a cute coffee mug-themed sticker (while stocks last!).

Let's make Likemind Birmingham on Friday 18th September a good one – coffee, conversation and the feelgood factor? A Friday morning never looked so good.

Coffee and cake!

31 Jul 2009


Thanks to everyone who came along to July's Likemind coffee morning, to help us celebrate the event'ssecond anniversary. Thanks especially to Saint Caffe for the pastries and huge Victoria sponge cake. Yum!

Likemind Birmingham is nearly 2!

19 Jun 2009

The next coffee morning (Friday 17th July) will be Likemind Birmingham's 2nd anniversary.

Come and join us to help celebrate this extra-special milestone with coffee, conversation … and maybe even some cake! (Sign-up to the mailing list for a reminder email nearer the time.)

Extended hours!

01 Jul 2008

Due to popular demand we're going to start Likemind a bit earlier from now on, for those of you who are early birds and for the folks who need be in work by 9am. So, we'll be around from 8am for future meet-ups - hope to see you there!

New venue for Birmingham: Likemind

09 May 2008

For those who don't know already, the new home of Birmingham's Likemind coffee morning is Saint Caffe on St Paul's Square. The aim is to make Likemind more community-spirited and we hope that both local residents as well as business people will pop in for coffee and a chat.