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Sundown at the Ashfield garage

On the way to work today I noticed that Ashfield Motors on Caroline Street (just off St Paul’s Square) has been fenced off, the signs saying it’s soon to become an office development.

It was such an ace looking place, like something you might see in the middle of nowhere, off a dusty old US highway in the 1950s. It’s a bit of romantic nostalgia I suppose but it’s a real shame to see it go – there’s something special and rare about places with that level of character.

Anyway, I remembered that we’d seen a fantastic photo of the garage when we were at last year’s Cure Zone exhibition.

Photographer Catharine Frediani captured this image in 2007 and it’s part of a series called Finding America – photos that were taken in Britain but look quintessentially American. It struck me at the time as a really interesting concept, and I’m now especially glad the Ashfield was included. You can see the rest of the series on Catharine’s page of the Cure Zone website. (I can’t link direct to the specific page as it’s a Flash site)


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