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En fantastisk gave!*

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We got a very exciting parcel from the postie this morning; all the way from Daneland!

The fantastic Kamilla sent us a very thoughtful – and beautifully packaged – present; orange design letters spelling Supercool. (Plus an extra 'O' for Josh, which could enable him to spell Soup or perhaps it's a halo …?!)

Thanks Kamilla!

*Which (hopefully) means "A great gift!" in Danish.

It’s been super!

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Hello, I am Kamilla from Denmark 'Daneland' and I have been doing a four month internship here at Supercool as a part of my final year at the School of Visual Communications

At school we learn a lot about graphic design (of course – duh!) but more in relation to printed work – to be fair, designing for digital platforms is moving closer and closer to the principals of designing for paper – but my internship at Supercool has given me the opportunity to focus on digital design. Designing for web is the future, and a combination of knowing some tech-y stuff and the principals of great design in general is key for a soon-to-be real designer as myself.

Over the past four months I have gone from the school way of designing like anything-is-possible, to the proper way of actually asking the web developers if this and that is possible within the limits of budget and technology. A super important lesson to learn – and thanks to Supercool for that.

I have been a part of different projects over the past months, and it has been exciting and super learning to be a part of a project from the initial thoughts and meetings with the client to the launch of the finished project. My design ideas have been listened to, debated and respected – and because of that, I feel super ready to leave the safe world of being a student and enter the real world of being a paid designer.

Spending four months in a foreign country is of course super exciting and challenging, but the Supercool team have done their best to keep me warned and informed about general life in the UK; the endless lines at the Post Office, how to dress properly when driving a scooter moped, how to not be hit by cars while crossing the road and the very important knowledge that Danish words are easier for a Brit to pronounce while chewing on a piece of Danish cake.

I will miss this super place and these super people, and I will for a long time be giggling when remembering all the super fun we had!

Supercool, design and people

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I always thought design could be a bit selfish sometimes by not filling in the gap between audience and our practice, or at least by not making an extra effort to. This had only one logical outcome: it favoured those who were part of our area and no one else.

If there is something I have learned at Supercool it is that you can create brilliant design work and still get the audience involved. This has shown me how design can be an excellent and creative way to reach the masses by awakening their critical spirit – which should be, anyway, the whole premise of our work.

For these reasons it has restored my faith in design as a social vehicle and for that I am very happy to have been part of the team – even if it was just for a few weeks – so … well done Supercool!


Rui Ribeiro was a Superintern in Spring 2011