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Stop: look and listen #4

Categories: Inspiration, Stop: look and listen

Treme – Season 1 (HBO series / DVD)
Worth watching just to experience John Goodman's slow burning, melancholic performance. Mesmerising. Oh, and the music! Set in New Orleans in the aftermath of Katrina, the team behind The Wire manages to transport you to the heart of this fascinating and vibrant place. Inspired casting all the way through.

Genius of Design (BBC series / DVD)
As much a history lesson as a design documentary, this insightful and entertaining BBC production manages to show the literally life-changing impact design has had and continues to have on our everyday lives.

Dial M for Murder – Alfred Hitchcock
Suddenly I found myslef watching a lot of Hitchcock – and I really can't fail to appreciate his precise and clever way of conducting a story. It's simply classy entertainment that has stood the test of time. And there are plenty more of his classics to choose from. Dig in.

Jamie Woon: "Mirrorwriting" (album)
Initially I was put off by some lukewarm reviews and a bit of too much hype surrounding this young gentleman. But then, after not being able to play much else than this record for a couple of weeks I was sold. This is an album, though not short of single potential, that works best listened to from start to finish. It really gets under your skin, with a dense and bass-heavy production. Yes, it is smooth but it's got just enough rough edges and soul to make it much more interesting than most popular music. Play it loud.

Kate Bush: "Directors Cut" (album)
She's back. Not with new material, though. These are re-workings of her own songs from "The Sensual World" and "The Red Shoes". The concept is not unlike what Joni Mitchell did with her "Travalogue" album but there is no orchestra involved here, making this is a much more stripped back affair. The 80's production sheen that defined the originals has been replaced by an intimate, soulful atmosphere.

You can't listen to her new versions of "This Woman's Work" and "Moments of Pleasure" without being moved. Really, really special.

Check out Alex Petridis' well-worded review in The Guardian.

Stop: look and listen #3

Categories: Inspiration, Stop: look and listen

Christmas noire!
Check out Bendik Kaltenborn’s beautiful cover illustration for the Norwegian literature magazine "Vinduet".

A year of bad art
You might not agree, but these are the worst album covers of 2010. According to Pitchfork.

Interview Project
On a road trip across the United States, director David Lynch has been busy conducting interviews with a selection of people he found interesting.

Stranger than fiction? Have a look.

Keith Jarret: "The Köln Concert” (album)
An absolute jazz classic from 1974. Improvised music doesn’t get much better – or easy-going – than this. And the record has got an interesting story behind it too.

Brian Eno: "A small craft on a milk sea” (album)
In addition to containing this year’s most poetic song titles, “A small craft on a milk sea” is an arresting journey through a typical Enoesque musical landscape. You know, music for a film that doesn’t exist … it's all in your head. Sit back and enjoy.

If you've got an iPhone, check out Eno’s “Bloom” app on iTunes. DIY ambient!

Stop: look and listen #2

Categories: Inspiration, Stop: look and listen

James Blake: "Limit to Your Love" (music video)
Well, this is both a look and a listen, I guess: An interesting video. A striking piece of music. James Blake has two really interesting EP's out. This track, which is a cover of a Feist song, is from his forthcoming album. I really can't wait to hear more.

BBC: Sherlock (DVD)
A contemporary take on Sherlock Holmes – classy, stylish and inspired entertainment. Three feature-length episodes on DVD. A new season is in the making.

Trent Reznor and David Fincher (interview)
Trent Reznor and David Fincher talk to Pitchfork about their collaboration on "The Social Network".

Mats Eilsertsen: "Radio Yonder" (album)
Mats Eilertsen is a Norwegian bass player, who's been involved in an uncountable and diverse range of collaborations on the contemporary jazz scene. "Radio Yonder" is Eilertsen working with his own quartet, playing only original compositions, with one exeption; a haunting cover of A-ha's "Hunting High and Low". A beautiful, timeless jazz recording. (Read The Guardian review of the album.)

Royksopp: "Senior" (album)
"Senior" is the dark twin of last year's album "Junior". Less pop, more prog – and it's all the better for it.

Stop: look and listen #1

Categories: Inspiration, Stop: look and listen

Torgny and Emil Trier
A transcendent view into Norwegian youth culture. Two truly brilliant music videos.

This is England '86
Shane Meadows and cast discuss the Channel 4 show (in The Guardian).

10 Crazy Campaign ads
(Compiled by The Daily Beast).

Basia Bulat "Heart of my Own" (album)
Heartfelt, timeless folk pop. Grows with every listen.
Dungen "Skit i allt" (album)
Swedish prog folk rock. Sounds like it's recorded in the woods.

William Brittelle "Sheena Easton" (track)
Totally over the top pop production, somewhere between Toto and Prince.