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Making an exhibition of Birmingham. For Birmingham. By Birmingham.

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Yesterday evening I was lucky enough to be invited along to the private view of Birmingham Photospace's Birmingham's People exhibition which is currently housed in the (stunning) Jewellery Quarter offices of architectural practice, Bryant Priest Newman.

A bit of background incase you're not familiar with Birmingham Photospace – they're a collective of folks who love photography and are working incredibly hard to establish a permanent public gallery space for photographic works here in Brum.

The photos featured in Birmingham's People were taken over just two days at last year's Artsfest and are an eclectic bunch. The images really are beautiful and it's impressive to think they were taken in a marquee, in a bustling city centre, in the middle of a festival and with a very quick turnaround time per subject. Massive kudos to photographers Jennifer Peel and Matt Murtagh – it takes real talent to get people so relaxed and natural in front of the camera even at the best of times!

Sadly my quick attempt at getting an arty shot of reflections of the building within the photos didn't work terribly well, as you can see, and really doesn't do Birmingham's People justice. The exhibition runs until 19th June though, so you can go and see the images properly over at Bryant Priest Newman – the exhibition's open during office hours but you do need to call or email in advance as it's a working office. Contact details can be found on their blog.

Likemind - what’s the point?

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Since we started Brum Likemind several years ago, it’s got way bigger than we ever thought it would.

The other day I asked myself “What do folks get out of it?” that keeps it so popular, and came up with this (certainly not exhaustive) list:

Meeting new people
Getting face-to-face with folks you’ve previously only met online
Drinking great coffee
Meeting the JQ neighbours
Catching up with friends/business contacts
Discussing and testing new ideas
Munching breakfast pastries
Having a break from the office
Finding out what’s going on locally
Finding a new place to live (Yep, we matched a landlady and tenant!)

Essentially, it’s just a pleasant, relaxing – and sometimes even useful – thing to do. Likemind really is a fine start to a Friday. If you’ve got something positive out of Likemind, tweet us – @supercooldesign or @likemind – or add your story to the comments.

The next coffee morning: Friday 16th April, from 8am at Saint Caffe, St Paul's Square, Birmingham. Hope to see you there!


The inspiration for this post:

On this day ...

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in 1453 the One Hundred Years’ War ended, with the French defeating the English at the Battle of Castillon.

in 1717 King George I of Great Britain sailed down the Thames River on a barge with 50 musicians who premiered Handel’s Water Music.

in 1917 the British Royal Family adopted the name of the House of Windsor in place of their German family name, Saxe-Coburg-Gotha.

in 1955 Disneyland opened in Anaheim, California.

in 1957 TV presenter Fern Britton was born (and today also happens to be her last day on This Morning).

in 1975 The spacecraft Apollo docked with Soyuz 19 and, through a hatch, US commander Thomas P Safford shook hands with his Soviet counterpart Aleksei Leonov.

in 1999 New Scientist magazine ran an article about the health benefits of a nice cup of tea.

… and on this day in 2009 Likemind Birmingham celebrated its second birthday with coffee, tea, chat – and cakes!