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Ideas for good

Good 50x70 is a free-to-enter poster competition, the overall theme of which kind of reminds me of my final project at University, oh so many moons ago ...

Anyway, it struck me that this might be a good project for the design students out there – bulk out your portfolio, show potential employers how motivated you are with an extra-curricular project and contribute to a good cause, all in one fell swoop!

Here’s what it’s about:

“There are seven briefs from seven charities on seven issues that affect thousands of people around the world. All you have to do is pick a topic that inspires you and submit a poster on that theme. 210 posters will be selected by our jury of leading designers and exhibited around the world and published in a catalogue, but more importantly they’ll be presented to the charities for their use as a potential campaign.”

If you’re interested you’ve got ages – until midnight on 20th April 2008 – to submit your work. There are more details and info about how to enter on the Good 50x70 website.

And no, I can’t fathom why it’s called ‘Good 50x70’ either ... but no matter.

(via the prolific and interesting swissmiss)

Do not adjust your browser

We’ve kind of officially launched this site now and so far most people have had only positive things to say about it. We’ve actually had a lot of really good feedback from the people we’ve asked and it’s definitely making us address a few things that we hadn’t thought of. I think we’ve perhaps got a bit of work to do on driving people to use the sub menus a bit more and perhaps to drive people to the blogs (but if you’re reading this then i guess something’s working).

It’s not all been plain sailing. It would appear that we sent an e-flyer out today, to people (announcing the new site) which coincided with me making a fatal error with a bit of code resulting in a few miss-aligning page elements (as in a 400px gap between menu and content) - not very professional I know, but we soon resolved it and it’s a lesson in always expecting the unexpected when it comes to CSS, as well as testing, testing and further testing before launch.

Thanks to everybody that’s come back with comments, I know we were asking fairly pointed questions to you, but people seem to have really thought about the site functionality and usability, not just the aesthetics which is good to know.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Supercool design agency e-flyer graphic

We sent out an email today to say Happy Valentine’s with this truly halloween imagery. It kind of follows on from the christmas card theme and shows off what we’re actually capable of with a camera and photoshop if we put our minds to it. Try not to have nightmares.