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Record breakers

James and I went along to The Big Picture mosaic unveiling earlier today (if you don’t know about the project, check out the website) and I’m thrilled to announce that I - as a contributing photographer - am now a joint world record holder! Woo-hoo!

Okay, so, I share this accolade with the thousands of other people who also submitted their photos, but still ...!

Supercool did the project’s e-flyers and designed the ‘We’ve Done It’ leaflet (yes I did know which was the winning image in advance of the unveiling!) so we were invited along to the lunch reception and speeches bit before the big reveal. It was interesting to hear some background to the project, as well as seeing all the people who’d worked really hard and been instrumental in pulling it all together getting some well-deserved recognition and applause. (I was the loud clapper at the back!)

On to the grand unveiling itself - of eight shortlisted photos only one had been mosaic-ified and the shortlisted folk didn’t know whose image had been selected until the tarpaulins were pulled back. Tense times for all the finalists! Happily, Nick Booth over at Podnosh captured the moment when Lucy Moore realised the photo of her grandad had been chosen as the winning shot. Not a dry eye in sight!

I’m not sure how long the mosaic’s going to be at Millennium Point but if you can possibly get to see it, do. It’s utterly, completely incredible that all of those raw photos can make up such a precise replica of the winning image. Awesome. (I just wish my photography did it justice!)

If you can’t get to see the real thing though, have a squizz at the clever e-version over on the Big Picture site. I’ve not found my photos yet but I’m gonna keep on searching - yep, they’re in there somewhere. Amongst 112,896 images ... so there goes the Bank Holiday!

My super-cool two weeks

Categories: Superinterns

I have had the wonderful pleasure of working at the Supercool studio for the past couple of weeks and would just like to say a big thank you to Katie and James for being so helpful and inspiring.

Being set lots of quick briefs has been great practice for me – in just two weeks (that really did fly by so fast), I’ve covered new design approaches and have added new values to my branding vocabulary.

I have learned a great deal about what it takes to be a great graphic designer and my time at Supercool has done nothing but fuel my drive to become part of the creative community even more.   

With a stack more work to add to my portfolio and a new wealth of knowledge (though, I am sad to leave!), I feel really prepared for my final year at BIAD and more confident about entering the design industry as a professional.

So, thank you again to Supercool!

What the @*#&!?

No, I’m not swearing; simply being informative and educational ...

You see, the fairly common practice of using various grammatical characters and/or punctuation marks to indicate words that have a rather, ahem, ‘blue’ meaning, actually has a name. Yes, @*#&! is an example of a grawlix and although it’s not yet been OED certified as an honest-to-goodness, bona fide, allowable-in-Scrabble word, surely it’s only a matter of time?

In the meantime though, the Wikitionary definition of grawlix is: “A string of typographical symbols used (especially in comic strips) to represent an obscenity or swearword.” So there you are!

My thanks to the %#£@@ing* geniuses that are Hoefler & Frere-Jones for educating me on this most interesting of typographical matters.