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Coffee and conversation

Thanks to everyone who came along to our little coffee morning on Friday. There were lots of new faces and everyone seemed to have a good time, which is exactly the point! We’re getting a really good mix of folks coming along; some live or work locally, others are from further afield but work in and around the city centre.

It’s free to attend, friendly, informal – and there’s no agenda. Simply pop along, grab a coffee – or tea – and enjoy a chat with people you may not otherwise meet.

If you want to find out more or fancy coming along to the next one, there’s info here on the Likemind bit of our site (you can sign up for an email reminder), the next date’s also on Upcoming and you can follow @likemind on Twitter for updates.

Next one: Friday 16th January at Saint Caffe, St Paul’s Square.
We’ll be there from 8am until about 10ish – pop by whenever you like.

(Special thanks to Rob for taking the photos that I’ve very swiftly comped together above! Not sure what I thought was so funny ...)

Little mouse turns the big 4-0!

This revolutionary computer controller was designed by Doug Engelbart and a team of researchers at Stanford Research Institute, California and its first incarnation was an unassuming hollow wooden block with wheels mounted underneath. (It was also filled with clever gadgety bits and bobs that I’m sure you can read about in detail somewhere; yes, there’s more here in The Guardian.)

On December 9th 1968 the little controller that one of the team had nicknamed ‘the mouse’ had its world premiere at a presentation Mr Engelbart was giving in San Francisco and it was quite a hit.

The mouse has changed quite dramatically over a fairly short period of time – and I’m sure there’s still room for improvement (mouse-manufacturers, please take note) – but I can safely say that I’m at a loss without my scrolling, gliding, clicking friend.

So, this December 9th, why not spare a thought for the mouse in your life and quietly wish it a happy 40th birthday. (But please don’t mention the trackpad!)

Words of wisdom? Ish.

During one of our recent Likemind coffee mornings I got talking about work experience placements with Jon Hickman from Interactive Cultures.

It’s something I’d been thinking about a fair bit over recent weeks so Jon asked if I’d jot down a few sage words of wisdom on getting the most out of a placement, for a website called Uni Survival which is run by one of his colleagues. So I did. And here it is: Getting The Most From Work Placements