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We are 5!

It’s been a hectic day so I nearly forgot that there’s a special birthday in the office today – Supercool is 5 years old!

Wow, time certainly flies when you’re having fun creating lots of lovely branding, print and web work, I can tell you. It’s sounds like a properly old thing to say but last year was the best one yet – and we’re keeping optimistic that 2009 will also treat us well.

Cake, candles and champagne at the ready then? Oh yes, but they may have to wait until the weekend – there’s work to be done!

Killer album cover

Having first seen his work when designing our first Artlounge catalogue and subsequently choosing one of his pieces as the cover of the inaugural New Generation Arts Festival brochure, it was quite exciting to see Paul Normansell’s work adorning the cover of the Killers’ latest album, Day & Age.

According to a recent Artlounge newsletter the Killers liked the artwork so much they even used the iconography in one of their videos, and within the stage sets for their appearance on Jools Holland.

Impressive stuff!

Coffee and conversation

Thanks to everyone who came along to our little coffee morning on Friday. There were lots of new faces and everyone seemed to have a good time, which is exactly the point! We’re getting a really good mix of folks coming along; some live or work locally, others are from further afield but work in and around the city centre.

It’s free to attend, friendly, informal – and there’s no agenda. Simply pop along, grab a coffee – or tea – and enjoy a chat with people you may not otherwise meet.

If you want to find out more or fancy coming along to the next one, there’s info here on the Likemind bit of our site (you can sign up for an email reminder), the next date’s also on Upcoming and you can follow @likemind on Twitter for updates.

Next one: Friday 16th January at Saint Caffe, St Paul’s Square.
We’ll be there from 8am until about 10ish – pop by whenever you like.

(Special thanks to Rob for taking the photos that I’ve very swiftly comped together above! Not sure what I thought was so funny ...)