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Touchy, feely ... smelly?

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I love the interwebs as much as (or perhaps even more than) the next person but there ain’t nothing like a beautiful piece of print to really make my day.

I think it’s the smell, the texture and perhaps also the finality of print that can just make it something really special.

Anyway, I got a copy of the latest limited edition Love to Print book through the post recently and it’s a stormer – the charming, hand-printed cover just made me want to see inside.

And on the inside; there are lots of different styles of drawing – detailed, simple, witty, cute, graphical, sketchy – but they all illustrate an obsession of each of the artists. These obsessions include photography, butterflies, cupcakes and dinosaurs. (Oh, and cats, which lots of people who are obsessed with the internet also seem to be into!)

It’s just a lovely thing to look through, to hold … and, yes, to smell. I think perhaps that’s one of my little obsessions – I’m compelled to sniff fresh print. Yum.

“Obsession – A Zine of Drawing Obsessions” will be available to buy soon. Keep an eye on the Love to Print blog for details.

Community in the city

Categories: Events, Extra-curricular, Jewellery Quarter

So, I guess it's not just the sense of community round here that I find quite heartwarming – it's also the strong sense of industriousness, initiative-taking and just plain old 'getting things done'. The next 24 Carrots is on Saturday 19th September outside The Big Peg, from 9am until 3pm. (There's a Flickr group with lots of photos if you want an idea of what it was like. Join and add your photos if you went along!) The next Likemind Coffee Morning (and the event's 2nd birthday!) is on Friday 17th July, at Saint Caffe on St Pauls' Square, from 8am until 10ish. If you're on Twitter and in the Quarter: @MyJQ – a hyper-local what's on guide run by resident Brian Simpson @24_Carrots – for Farmers' Market updates @likemind – for coffee morning reminders MyJQ also has a Tumblr – check out this video from the last Likemind! There are probably loads more things I've missed – feel free to add stuff in the comments.

Food talks

Categories: Events, Extra-curricular

Last Thursday we popped along to Birmingham’s inaugural Chitterlings dinner at The Vaults. It’s an event that Type used to run in London, and it’s basically a smallish gathering of graphic design professionals and educators getting together over a meal to listen to, and chat with, a guest speaker – and each other. (Caroline explains it all much better over on the Type website – and they’ve got better photos too!)

First up, thanks to Euston station being shut and the subsequent travel disruption, we were treated to an impromptu talk by Francis Atterbury of Hurtwood Press who had literally just returned to the country from Stuttgart. There, he’d been collecting proofs of the new exhibition catalogue of Gilbert & George’s work, the printing of which he’s overseeing for them. It was fascinating to hear his anecdotes, and about the perfectionism and passion that goes into something that so many people take for granted. Ahhh, the joys of getting colours just right!

Next, our main speaker – Meirion Pritchard, Art Director of Wallpaper magazine – described the changing face of the magazine, from the first issue to the latest; a slightly naughty Peter Saville special. It was both interesting and reassuring to hear that everyday design conundrums also affect the designer of a global publication; hooray!

Chitterlings was a real experience – and one I hope to repeat. I don’t know if it’s just me but lots of people seem to be interested in socialising over food recently – is ‘food networking’ becoming something of a trend … or is that just pie in the sky?