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Coffee mourning

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Montage of Likeminds from the past few years

Would it be an exaggeration to suggest that today marks the end of an era?

Absolutely, yes - but today is a little bit special. This morning was the last time Supercool hosted Birmingham's Likemind coffee morning; an event which started in New York and now happens in over 50 cities around the world, on the same day and at the same (local) time each month.

Having hosted the Birmingham version for nearly five years, we decided it was about time someone else had a go, so we've passed the coffee-soaked baton to Likemind regulars Rickie and Tim.

As a completely open-to-all and agenda-free event, we weren't sure what sort of reaction Likemind would get when we held the first one way back in 2007. Granted, things got off to a bit of a slow start (there were only three of us on one occasion – including two hosts) but over the years Likemind's grown hugely in popularity and, dare I say it, become something of a local institution.

We've met so many lovely people (many of whom are now friends), chatted about all sorts of subjects, introduced folks who'd otherwise never have met, downed countless coffees, and even raised a bit of cash for charities at the occasional fundraiser.

It's been fun. And interesting. And productive. But it's time for a change.

All the best to new hosts Rickie and Tim, and thanks to everyone who's come along over the past several years for making it worth our while getting up extra early! Finally, an extra-special thank you to Geoff, Lucie and all the staff at our venue Saint Caffe for being great to us. (And always letting us rearrange the furniture!)

Likemind Birmingham is dead. Long live Likemind Birmingham!

The next event: Friday 16th March (follow @likemind on Twitter for details)

Change is afoot – Part I

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Repeating silhouette of Victorian-style ladies' boots

Last year I took part in the first Pointe Blank with 26 other designers/illustrators. We each created a poster for Birmingham Royal Ballet's production, Coppélia, and those posters were subsequently displayed in one of BRB's studios at Birmingham Hippodrome, and over on the project's website.

Now the time has come for Hobson's Choice to get the Pointe Blank treatment.

Mindmap of ideas

So, this time the brief is to visually represent the tale of Hobson; the drunken owner of a boot shop in Salford, who refuses to allow his three daughters to marry … until the eldest offers him a choice which is, in fact, no choice at all. That's the hugely abridged version – there's more detail about the Hobson's Choice plot on Wikipedia if you're interested.

One of few stipulations in the Pointe Blank poster design brief is that there must be some sort of reference to the Victorian era, as that's when the story's set.

My initial idea was to incorporate some Victorian language in there somewhere, so I set about researching such things – meaning that part of my brain will forevermore store the fact that Victorian slang for shoes was 'crabshells' and boots were known as 'trotter cases'. They had a way with words, those Victorians.

Handwritten note - 'trotter cases' is Victorian slang for boots

The slang didn't make the final cut but I can confirm that the design will include an illustration of a boot – a Victorian ladies' boot to be precise – and ten zeros.

I attempted to shoe-horn (!) in the puntastic phrase "It's a story of the well-heeled and the well-oiled" too, but it wasn't quite right … so an equally groan-worthy play on words will be included instead.

All will be revealed – at the launch exhibition and online – on 20th February, along with the work of the 26 other designers/illustrators.

Designy reflecting

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8th birthday celebration image, with an octopus and eight-shaped underwater vessel

Supercool are eight years old. Eight!

To mark this milestone, we've been reflecting on eight years of intelligent, well-considered and effective design. While we were doing our thing …

200430 St Mary Axe (The Gherkin) won the RIBA Stirling Prize.

2005Git was released.

2006 Twitter launched.

2007 – Apple unveiled the first iPhone.

2008 – Jos Buivenga designed the hugely popular Museo – a font for print and screen.

2009 'In Praise of Shadows' was part of the London Design Festival.

2010 Get Satisfaction won the 'Business' category of the SXSW Web Awards.

2011 – A Book Apart published 'Responsive Web Design' by Ethan Marcotte.

Season’s Greetings 2011

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festive Scandinavian jumper pattern

There’re many ways of keeping Superwarm this wintertime:

Heating slippers by the fireside; sipping piping-hot glühwein;

Sporting jolly, patterned jumpers; dancing wildly on the spot; 

Having hearty soup for lunch and wearing all the socks you’ve got.

Have the warmest of all winters and the happiest of new years.
(For best results, please read this with a scarf wrapped round your ears.)

festive Scandinavian jumper pattern

Warmest winter wishes from Supercool.