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It’s been super!

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Hello, I am Kamilla from Denmark 'Daneland' and I have been doing a four month internship here at Supercool as a part of my final year at the School of Visual Communications

At school we learn a lot about graphic design (of course – duh!) but more in relation to printed work – to be fair, designing for digital platforms is moving closer and closer to the principals of designing for paper – but my internship at Supercool has given me the opportunity to focus on digital design. Designing for web is the future, and a combination of knowing some tech-y stuff and the principals of great design in general is key for a soon-to-be real designer as myself.

Over the past four months I have gone from the school way of designing like anything-is-possible, to the proper way of actually asking the web developers if this and that is possible within the limits of budget and technology. A super important lesson to learn – and thanks to Supercool for that.

I have been a part of different projects over the past months, and it has been exciting and super learning to be a part of a project from the initial thoughts and meetings with the client to the launch of the finished project. My design ideas have been listened to, debated and respected – and because of that, I feel super ready to leave the safe world of being a student and enter the real world of being a paid designer.

Spending four months in a foreign country is of course super exciting and challenging, but the Supercool team have done their best to keep me warned and informed about general life in the UK; the endless lines at the Post Office, how to dress properly when driving a scooter moped, how to not be hit by cars while crossing the road and the very important knowledge that Danish words are easier for a Brit to pronounce while chewing on a piece of Danish cake.

I will miss this super place and these super people, and I will for a long time be giggling when remembering all the super fun we had!

Bleugh Britain

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Recent rumours surrounding the bizarre possibility of the government running a negative ad campaign (to dissuade potential immigrants settling here) prompted The Guardian to request possible poster ideas …

And this (not especially pretty) one I cobbled together over lunch made it onto their homepage, as well as the gallery of submissions.


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Nine lives, dressed to the nines, cloud nine, a stitch in time saves nine, nine-to-five, the whole nine yards … errrrr … nine years since the last all-new Corvette … ummm … Fluorine has the atomic no. 9 … okay, this is getting tenuous (but I knew A Level Chemistry would come in handy one day).


I've been thinking about the number nine because this Saturday, 19 January, Supercool turns nine years old. Nine! That's a lot of years!

Over these years we've been lucky enough to work with loads of great people on some really interesting projects – and every year we learn more and more, helping make us better and better at what we do. It's a pretty darn good job, all-told. Like I said – lucky.

The last batch was ace, so here's to the next nine years.

Season’s Greetings 2012

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There're few better ways to feel festive than listening to some Christmas tunes and, like a box of Roses or Quality Street, there's something for everyone; whatever your taste. (My preference being for old crooners warbling the classics rather than whatever X-Factor have released just in time for the Christmas charts – Bah! Humbug!)

So, to celebrate the important role music plays during the festive period, Supercool's 2012 card is based on a lovely, heartwarming seasonal ditty with possibly the most boring title ever The Christmas Song, written by Mel Tormé and Bob Wells, but made famous by Nat King Cole; "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire, Jack Frost nipping at your nose, yuletide carols being sung by a choir" – you know the badger.

And purely for your festive pleasure, in the spirit of bringing joy (and a seasonal smirk) …

Everybody knows cards from a design studio
Should help to make the season bright.
Though seeing us dressed as elf-like eskimos
Could make it hard to sleep tonight …

And so we offer you this simple phrase 
From all at Supercool HQ:
Although it’s been said many times, many ways,
Merry Christmas to you.

Warmest winter wishes.