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Likemind: Birmingham

If you’re one of the lucky people whom i haven’t yet pestered about Likemind then keep reading.

Put simply (as there have been more complex versions) Likemind is a coffee morning that takes place at 8am on the last Friday of the month in over 40 cities across the globe. It was started by a design agency in New York inviting anybody who wanted to come along before work and chat with interesting people over a nice cup of coffee – and it’s spread to Birmingham, where in fact I’m co-hosting it at Hudsons Coffee House on Colmore Row in town.

You can find out more at or email me if you’d like a reminder for the next one. So there consider yourself pestered!

Swapping cigars for consoles

We were lucky enough to be invited along to a re-launch of sorts last night.

Part of Bar One Ten and Sanctum restaurant on Colmore Row, Alhambra used to be a cigar bar but the change to smoking laws has meant they’ve had to have a re-think. So, they’ve had some smart new screens installed and a row of Xbox consoles now line the room!

Not being much of a gamer (I’ll leave that to James), I just took in the ambience of the place. It’s a slightly strange mix – sumptuous Moroccan-style decor and the latest in gaming technologies – but somehow it works. And the cocktail menu is something special ...!

The changing face of Brum

James and I went along to the Council House yesterday evening to hear about the latest developments planned for the city.

The meeting itself was held in the Council Chamber which is stunning – green leather seats set along semi-circled steps around the room, with microphones dotted along the ledges in front. It felt like being at a summit meeting or something.

There were some interesting things discussed – not least some pretty major changes for the Jewellery Quarter, including a 10-year development planned along Carver and Pope Streets, just round the corner from us. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how it all progresses and, hopefully, boosts the city.

Another interesting tidbit was the hint that a rather high-profile television chef is in talks about possibly opening a restaurant on the top floor of the forthcoming Cube. I’m sure that the food would be a far cry from anything you’d get in a school canteen, for example ...