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Design for change

New coinage, designed by a young graphic designer called Matthew Dent. All but the £1 coin feature sections of the newly (and simply) designed crest, the whole of which features on the £1 coin itself. Lovely.

Shame to lose the sporadically changing designs which have appeared on the 50 pence piece, but maybe they’ll now do this on £2 coins (which don’t seem to be included in the redesign)?

Find out more on the Royal Mint’s website.

Are you an early-bird?

If you happen to be up’n'at’em and in Birmingham city centre tomorrow (Friday) morning between 8 and 9ish, do pop along to Hudson’s Coffee House on Colmore Row for the March Likemind meet-up.

These get-togethers originated in New York City and now happen in about 40 cities across the globe every month - and we host the one here in Brum.

It’s all very informal, it’s not a networking event (!) and you only pay if you have a coffee, so basically it’s just a great chance to have a chat about what’s going on in and around the city, with people you may not otherwise meet. A good old fashioned coffee morning, I suppose, and a very nice start to the day.

So, set your alarms - and see you in the morning!

Hot dog! Cool type ...

Today we had a hankering for a bit of a fairground lunch - hot dogs!

To posh them up a bit though we added this delicious condiment, picked up on a trip to Larvik in Norway last year.

(Check out the map in the background; that’s Norway’s bit of the Antarctic)

The sauce is a kind of honey-mustard thing and is perfect with frankfurters. Yum. And the packaging is great too - I love the combination of typefaces ... which is how come our humble lunch made it onto the blog.