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Six word stories

Apparently Ernest Hemingway once bet that he could write a novel in six words. He wrote “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” And won the bet.

So, can you write a novel in six words? Multistory, the West Bromwich-based community arts organisation challenge you to do just that on - I’ll warn you now; it’s highly addictive!

My offering: Aliens landed. Hung round. Went home.

If you want to share your contributions, feel free to add ‘em to the comments.

A good, old-fashioned coffee morning

Our next coffee morning meet-up is this Friday 16th May and we’ve relocated it to a new venue – Saint Caffe on St Paul’s Square, Birmingham. We’ll be there between about 8:30am and 10am so feel free to drop in whenever you’re around.

There’s no agenda or anything; it’s really just a chance to have a chat to people about what’s going on in and around the city. Everyone’s welcome, there’s free WIFI if you need it ... and the coffee is fantastic!

Find out more here:

You can also follow the Likemind Twitter to get event reminders:

So, can you make it?!