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James and I went along to the launch of Fazeley Studios on Friday evening – a jam-packed event with some inspired catering (miniature burgers, fish ‘n’ chips and chocolate eclairs) and a smashing band, The Destroyers, who I think are completely ace.

Amongst the many fine folks we bumped into for a chat was artist/illustrator Karoline Rerrie, who was kind enough to give us a couple of her beautiful, limited-edition (I know, fancy!) hand-printed postcards. Part of the Calorific series, they’re gorgeous. Thanks Karoline!

A message from Tina

Categories: Superinterns

Even though I think the assignments I get in school are exciting and realistic, the real world is so much different – and not in a bad way. 

Getting told in school that I've done a good assignment is nice. But hearing from real graphic designers (Katie and James) that what I've done is good and they then even show it to the clients is SO nice and recognition on an entirely other level.

I have been so lucky that I have had an internship here at Supercool the last four months and it's been four exciting months. I have been given briefs that were both exciting and weird. Like making a brochure without knowing the copy, the brand identity, the pictures or the style. Or making a logo that should work animated. Or drawing a pub icon, a water vole and a canalboat. I have enjoyed all of them, because they have been challenging.

But other than learning a lot about graphic design, I've also got a new, broader vocabulary with both technical and weird words like "apostrophe" (it reminds me more of something that should be in outer space, instead of over a letter) and "water vole" (translated directly from Danish would have the name swamp pig).

Furthermore I've learned things like cardamom in England is sold as whole pods and used in e.g. Indian food (In Denmark I have only seen ground cardamom and my favourite use of it is in pancakes), that Danish pastry is better from a bakery in Denmark than from Tesco and that there is this very addictive page called

With only a few days left in England my last mission is to find out what ginger beer is. So the only thing left to say is thank you Katie and James, it has been a great four months!

På gensyn! (See you!)"

Making the news

On Friday morning, on Twitter, Channel 4 News set people a challenge:

I like playing around with words so I wrote a couple of little poems … and from umpteen submissions, they chose one of mine to be read out on the evening programme!

I can’t begin to tell you how chuffed I was – I watch Channel 4 News every weeknight so to see my (Twitter) name on the screen was brilliant.

And it’s another small yet powerful example of the amazing connective potential of Twitter. How else would a graphic designer in Brum get their poem recited on the national news?

(You can read a selection of the other poems and, for the next 7 days, see the full report on the Channel 4 News website.)