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Cuppas and cupcakes

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Last week, Birmingham's Likemind coffee morning celebrated its third birthday. Wow, that's a lot of early starts!

To help mark the occasion, we made some cakes (as did Lindsey and Claire – thanks both!) to help raise donations and awareness for Marie Curie Cancer Care and as part of their Blooming Great Tea Party.

The cake donations raised were enough to pay for an hour of at-home nursing care, plus bereavement booklets to support more than 20 children. Brilliant stuff – thanks so much to everyone who came along and donated.

Thanks also to Saint Caffe for continuing to look after us so well every month.

(The next Likemind will be on Friday 20th August; same time and place as usual. Hope to see you there!)

A message from Sarah W

Categories: Superinterns

I had a great time at Supercool during my two month internship.

I really enjoyed working in their pretty office on exciting projects. I was able to create a character for the 'Not My Type' exhibition in Created in Birmingham's Bullring shop. Furthermore I created the look for Diversity 2010 and a logo for Brum Book Club.

Thank you for involving me so much in working on such great projects and thank you for taking me to your meetings, especially Likemind. I enjoyed being a part of your team.

Another good thing for me was to improve my English skills and teaching James the German letters ä ö ü! The journey travelling from my place in Worcester to Birmingham twice every day was certainly hard, but worth it.

Now, I'm back in Germany I miss sitting on the orange chairs, listening to James' background music and getting new projects from Katie.

I had an exciting and inspiring time in England especially because of a great placement at Supercool. Thank you so much! LOVED IT!

Sarah Wilbois

Cash for cake (for cancer care)

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I'm writing this post on a caffeine-high, having recently returned to the office from our monthly Likemind coffee morning; a gentle networking event which takes place not only here in Brum but in 52 other cities across the world on the same date and at the same (local) time each month.

We've been hosting the event since July 2007 which means that next month – Friday 16th July to be precise – it'll be Likemind Birmingham's third birthday. Crikey.

To mark the occasion we're having a 'cash for cake' fundraiser in aid of Marie Curie Cancer Care, as part of their Blooming Great Tea Party. We'll bring along some cake and, if you'd like to make a donation to the charity in return for some spongey goodness, that'd be most appreciated.

Coffee, conversation, celebration, charity and cake? Surely that's a winning combo?  

The need-to-know stuff: Come along to Saint Caffe, St Paul's Square, Birmingham on Friday 16th July. We'll be there from 8am until about 10am and, as I may've mentioned, there will be cake.

Pressing local matters

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The fact that a former incarnation of Supercool HQ was a pen works and that it's located only about a 2-minute walk away, it seemed like madness to have never visited the Jewellery Quarter's pen museum. So, in an effort to explore nearby places, I went to have a quick look around.

Cosy it may be but the Pen Room is packed to the rafters with pen paraphernalia, there's typographic eye-candy a-plenty thanks to loads of glorious examples of old packaging and signage, and the enthusiastic volunteer staff are brimming with pen-related facts.

"Birmingham was the centre of the world pen trade for more than a century, employing thousands of people, pioneering craftsmanship, manufacturing processes and employment opportunities – especially for women."

Probably the best thing about the Pen Room is the interactivity – there's no touch-screen technology here but you can make your very own pen nib. You go through the whole process – from cutting the blank, to embossing the maker's mark and then pressing into shape – using the chunky, clunky, antique machinery; all under the careful supervision of one of the staff, of course. Then, you get to take it home with you! (The nib, not the staff member.)

The Pen Room is free (though donations are welcomed) and it's perfect to visit during a lunch-hour; you'll get a bit of history and a smattering of heritage, see some fantastic packaging design and make a tiny keepsake. I reckon it's well worth writing home about. (Sorry, I can never resist a bad pun.) Next on my to-go list: the award-winning Museum of the Jewellery Quarter.